Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chocolate Sushi

Sounds weird, right?

Well, it's delicious! Oh, and easy to make. Waaaaay easier than real sushi, I assume. I've never actually made real sushi. It looks too hard. 

This will also freak out your friends (if that's not fun, nothing is) and turn any sushi-hater into a new fan. Really, you only have to be a lover of chocolate and all things dessert to enjoy this.

Here's how I made mine. Using what you have in your fridge plus imagination is really the best way to go!

First I made chocolate crepes (recipe here). 
I made a few extras just in case I had any mess ups. I'm not the best pancake flipper so I knew I'd need extra! I also made mine a little thicker, between a crepe and a pancake, I didn't add quite as much milk. I also spread out the batter as large as I could in the pan while keeping it thick. 

Then I set those aside to cool and made easy vanilla mousse (recipe here). 

Seriously, "mousse" sounds so snobby and French and difficult. It's not! Plus it's yummy.

Next I chopped up my fillings, or what would be the raw fish if this was real sushi. In my case I used strawberries and crushed Oreos. (Here is where you get creative! All kinds of fruit, candy or sweet sauces would be great!)

Now for the assembly process! 

Lay one crepe down flat on a large cutting board. Spread a layer of mousse about 1/4" thick across the entire crepe, leaving just a small bit on the sides to allow for "squishing". (Technical term!)
Now sprinkle on the fish goodies! Try to spread them evenly over the entire area of mousse to keep things even while rolling. 

Time to roll! Take the edge closest to you and roll it like a sleeping bag. It's easiest once you're done rolling to leave the open edge on the bottom. This helps keep it from unrolling. 

Now cut the raw/uneven edges on either side of the log you made if you have them (I did!) and cut into even slices about an inch thick. Mine produced about 8 pieces when I cut them. Yours might be more or less depending how big your crepe was. 

There you have it! Depending on how hungry you are after having made these, decorate your plate before adding the sushi! I brought mine to our friend's house for a dinner so I didn't get to devour them right away! Definitely keep them refrigerated until ready to serve.

Psst!! Don't like chocolate? Make it vanilla! I'm going to try that next time. Color the batter green and really trick everyone!


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