Thursday, June 20, 2013

Put your hands where I can see them!

Today I entered my second online cookie decorating contest (see the first here. I posed as whitney1170 back then). Do I expect to win? Nope. I just thought if I posted my stuff on other websites it would give me more exposure.

Has it worked?

Check back with me tomorrow :)

Before I could even get a few decent pictures of the cookies, I catch my toddler (I'll call her Goose. Or Ninja) carrying one around, waiting for the perfect time to bite into it. Then as my husband (the actual law enforcement officer in the family. Let's call him McLovin) is leaving for work, he's begging to take them as a "snack".

I know, people, they look delicious! It's hard enough to decorate them without chowing down on them myself. But could we practice a little self restraint here? I'm tryin to be all famous on the Internet, mmmkay?

This time I wanted to enter Lilaloa's monthly contest. She picks great themes every month and chooses the winner from a drawing, not from "who's the most talented of all time". I kinda like that.

What do you think? Would you try to steal them too?

Until next time, be kind to your fellow baker. No stealing!


P.s. next time you visit, I will hopefully have a brand spankin new logo and lots of customized stuff. Fancy, no? 

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