Monday, July 1, 2013

Repeat Offenders

Hello again! Are you tired of the law enforcement related titles? Too bad!

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Come back and read the rest :) 

What I'm not kidding about is the actual problem I'm having here recently with Sticky-Finger Sams. I had several repeat offenders last weekend. One was a close call with 200 wedding cupcakes, and the other was a gobbled up entry to my church's bake-off contest (thanks to McLovin's uncle. I'm not mad. I just figure, he was giving the other people a chance to win hehe). 

Did I mention besides my toddler and husband, we also have his 92 year old grandma living with us? We do. She's a doll, we just love her to pieces. What I didn't know was, she's the worst of the cleptos! I caught her trying to get into some of the cupcakes I made for my friend's wedding. She disguised it as "helping" us with the cupcake wrappers. 

Here she is, hard at work. Aren't they cute? Love my little helpers when they're behaving :)


Of course I paid her for her work in the form of an extra cupcake I had made. Then she waited until I was busy giving Goose her bath later that evening to really make her move. I heard some rustling around in the cupcake area and find the walker-wielding lady ambling towards the 200 decorated and boxed cupcakes, with a look in her eyes only to be described as gleaming.

Y'all, I almost died. I steered her away with a less popular form of dessert called a fig newton. McLovin and I decided to write "FOR WEDDING, DO NOT EAT" on all the boxes in hopes when she woke up the next morning she wouldn't think this was her breakfast. 

It worked! Here they are, untouched by toddlers or senior citizens, all ready for the wedding. This was my first-ever wedding order, and I'm pretty proud of them! I'm also proud of my family for not eating them all!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy National Sugar Cookie Day!


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  1. I loved your story it was really cute, I had to tell my husband about grandma! Well, everything is beautiful, you did a awesome job ��